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HydroRide Europe AG is an innovative Swiss company at the forefront of sustainable mobility solutions. We are a group of dedicated pioneers working towards a greener and more sustainable future. HydroRide is headquartered in the canton of Zug, strategically positioned at the heart of Switzerland and Europe.

Hydrogen powered

Rental Hydrogen Mobility Solutions

Looking to expand your fleet with eco-friendly, cutting-edge solutions? Our hydrogen bicycles blend advanced technology with sustainability to revolutionize your offerings.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

HYRYD bicycles produce zero direct emissions, making them a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility solution compared to e-bikes.

Faster Refueling

HYRYD Bicycles can be refueled in just 3-10 seconds, eliminating the lengthy charging downtime associated e-bikes.

Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs

HYRYD Bicycles have simpler systems with fewer moving parts, leading to reduced maintenance requirements and lower operating costs compared to e-bikes. Over a 3-year period, HYRYD Bicycles can deliver up to 40% lower operating costs. 

Hydrogen Sustainability Innovation
Hydrogen Sustainability Innovation

Produce Hydrogen at home


Hydrogen Generator

With our hydrogen generator, you can conveniently produce clean hydrogen and oxygen at home.


Natural resources

All you require is sunlight and purified water, and witness the generator perform its wonders.

Engineering the Hydrogen Future

300+ Professional Engineers

Our team collaborates with over 300 engineers dedicated to the research and development of HydroRide Europe AG's hydrogen energy products.

40.000m2 Production Area

We operate hydrogen bicycle production lines, fuel cell production line, and hydrogen generation system production lines spanning 40,000 square meters.

Swiss Excellence

Located in Switzerland, HydroRide Europe AG is strategically headquartered in one of the premier business locations in Europe. Our office resides in the heart of Canton Zug.

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Why choose Hydrogen Power

Choosing hydrogen energy means embracing a clean and efficient alternative with the potential to revolutionize our energy landscape.

Most eco-friendly form of energy

The most environmentally friendly type of energy, minimizing ecological impact and promoting sustainability for future generations.

Most accessible energy

The most accessible energy source, readily available for widespread use and application across diverse sectors.

Long Storage Period

Hydrogen storage offers extended longevity, surpassing 10 years, ensuring reliability and sustainability over time.

Eco-Friendly Industrial Chain Cycle

Fuel cells are easy to produce, have very low environmental pollution, and can be recycled and reused after use.

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Central Office

HydroRide Europe AG

Baarermattstr. 8b

6340 Baar, Switzerland

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